ASUS ROG G752VS - Using touch screen panel gestures

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gestures on your touch screen panel and touchpad.


The following screenshots are for reference only. The touch screen

panel’s appearance may vary depending on model.

The touch screen panel is available on selected models.

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Notebook PC E-Manual

Zoom in

Zoom out

Spread apart your two fingers on

the touch screen panel.

Bring together your two fingers

on the touch screen panel.


Press and hold

Tap an app to select it.

Double-tap an app to

launch it.

Press and hold to open the right-

click menu.

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Notebook PC E-Manual


Finger slide


Slide your finger to scroll up and

down and slide your finger to pan

the screen left or right.

Drag to create a selection

box around multiple items.

Drag and drop an item to

move it to a new location.

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Notebook PC E-Manual